Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Those silly gays and their silly problems???

You have GOT to read this article posted in The Edmonton Sun. Sadly, this is not uncommon thinking whatsoever even though I would love to believe things are moving forward. And just so you know...I do think heterosexuality is marvelous. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for my heterosexual parents! I think it's high time we ALL started to really learn how to EMBRACE our very many differences on this great planet, instead of dissecting them and leaving pieces strewn across this vast landscape. It's pretty obvious we're stumbling badly over all this debris scattered about.

So to all my readers I say this. I love you and all your "differences". Sure, sometimes you piss me off...but I'll embrace that too. *s*

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Long Time No Post

Sorry for the absence lately. I will try and turn over a new leaf starting Jan. 1st!!! I want to post at LEAST once a day. That's my goal anyway. *s*

Going to the Oilers game tonight. Hopefully we will be kicking some serious Senator's ass!!! If not...I hope it's at least entertaining. Our seats are on the very last one behind high as you can get. Nothing but the best I tell ya. lol Nah...everybody knows the action is always happening in the nose bleed sections!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008


I attended a funeral on Friday. A dear friends mom had passed away. The service was far as funerals go I guess. It was held at Burgar's Funeral Chapel in Camrose. This was the same place G.D.'s (my Grandad's) service was held. I couldn't help but think about that day in my mind. It seemed like last week but it was well over a decade ago now. It's strange how your mind works and how clear you can remember certain things from your past...yet impossible to remember where you just laid your car keys.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Baby, it's cold outside

Well from the weather we had been having in November to this is quite a shock to the system. -32c is a bit chilly even for the most seasoned veteran! When I look out the window this morning it even LOOKS cold. Brrr...I think this may be another stay inside and keep warm day.

PS: It's warming up. Now up to -30c. Almost balmy. *s*

Friday, December 12, 2008

Fancy Pants Adventures

Need to kill some time while sitting in front of the computer? Than Fancy Pants is for you! Easy controls, responsive and fun make this a sure time killer. Watch out for dem dare spiders though!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

World of Goo

World of Goo is a Wii Ware title that sells for about 15 bucks and takes only minutes to download. Don't let the simple graphics fool you. This is an addicting puzzle game. IGN's review actually gave the game a 9.5 out of 10. I have pleasantly wasted about 5 hours playing it and didn't even realize how much time had actually passed. Games that can hold my attention like that are definitely few and far between! This game has excellent value for the money. Up to 4 players can play. I was looking for the option on where to add players but all you have to do is turn on another Wii remote and a second person (or more) can help build away. What's nice is they can put the remote down and it will not effect the game play. Just come and go as you like. Only remote number 1 has to be active as that is the one that moves the screen around. This game is sure to give you hours of cheap entertainment. Simple mechanics and a sharp mind is all you need. This is a must have for your Wii Ware collection.

Finally Winter

Well it was soon to come and now it's finally arrived. Winter in Edmonton. I took these off the deck this morning. Kind of a grey snowy morning. I guess it puts one more in the festive mood with the white stuff on the ground.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cracker Jacks

Remember those Cracker Jack boxes? You never quite knew what you were gonna pull out??? That's how I feel about our government these days. What a complete mess and joke. I think all of them should be fired and than we could just start from scratch. Enough of all of these yahoo's already. Where are all the damn likable politicians anyway??? *shaking my head*

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Characters Fine Dining

Today my team at work was taken out for lunch by the head of another department. Characters was the restaurant and the meal was exceptional. I thoroughly enjoyed the two and a half hour lunch with my co-workers. The food presentation was top notch. Truly art on a plate! We had a table right in front of the galley. Kind of a neat spot. *s* Not only working downtown but living here gives me the opportunity to experience alot of great restaurants. This was my first visit to Characters but I think I may have to try it the evening this time!

I found this little blurb on their website. How true!

“Bear in mind that brains and learning, like muscle and physical skills, are articles of commerce: you can hire them by the hour or by the year. The only thing in the world not for sale is Character.”

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ultra High Definition Wallpaper

My brother Jeff sent me a great wallpaper site. It's not only worth a look but definitely one you'll want to bookmark! This is the one I decided on tonight but I'm sure I may get click happy as I browse on through! Which one did you "set as desktop background"???

Harper is a sinking ship

What is with Stephen Harper anyway? I mean...I knew that there wouldn't be much good out of another minority government because he doesn't play well with others. But this last stunt just shows how much of a school yard bully he really is. Time will tell us the fate of our government. What is to be? Stay tuned I guess.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Shower or Baths?

The shower head broke so the last few days I've had to have baths. Now, it's not that I don't enjoy having a bath but not when you have to go to work! I find them more of a chore than. Baths should be left for the end of the day...unwinding...relaxing kind of thing. Not a frantic splash half asleep! So instead of having yet another crazy morning I am off to get a new shower head. Hopefully I can find one with a metal end this time as the plastic one broke off. They never make anything to last these days but I guess why would they? It makes us spend more money. *sigh*

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Boom Blox

I recently rented this game from Blockbuster's. I wanted to check it out because I wasn't too sure it would be all that fun from the video's I watched on it. Well, I was wrong. This puzzle adventure is alot of fun too! This game was developed by Steven Spielberg so I guess it's not surprising that my trusted IGN website gave it an impressive 8.1 rating. This game has alot of meat and potatoes for you to sink your teeth into. Great multi player modes for party fun make it a great choice. Again, if you like puzzle games this is a must add for your Wii collection. Putting this on my Wii wish list as we speak! *s*

Friday, November 28, 2008

Marble Mania

I've had this Wii game for a good while now but decided to pull it out again and have a go. This is not a flashy game by any means. No killing is involved but I dare you not to get sweaty palms with the stress of getting your marble through the maze after collecting all the jewels!!! I give this game a 10 out of 10 for playability. It's not a long game by any means but you will become addicted trying to get all the special green gems and obtaining gold cups with outstanding times. If this is not in your Wii collection I highly recommend you purchase it asap!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

If Money Really Did Grow On Trees

Or if coins fell endlessly from the sky to fill my deep pockets...I would be driving a Mini Cooper! It's not a very practical car and a wee bit over priced. The only thing going for it would be the decent gas mileage nowadays. At first I liked the blue one with a white top and the cute racing strips. As time passed though I began to really like the silver one with a black roof. No stripes included. *s* You could say that the car I 'm driving now isn't that far off. I'd have to agree. The Suzuki SX4 has as somewhat close resemblance albeit mainly in size and colour scheme. When I look at the SX4's rear end it reminds me of my elusive Cooper. Now don't get me wrong, I love my Suzuki's All Wheel Drive for these brutal winter roads in the city. It's very nice to know that when depressing the brakes one will actually stop before sliding into the vehicle in front of you. Let's just say that if I could write a cheque that cleared the bank I would own two cars. A friend once told me that the Cooper is not really a car that blends in. Ok, I tend to not like to stand out in a crowd. This is true and although the Cooper has lost it's magic allure from when it first hit the still has viewers tossing a casual glance. Such a dilemma for me which I believe could be rectified with prescription sunglasses and a ball cap. *s*

What's your dream car?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Useless Information

Saturday's were made for alarm clocks to collect dust. Why is it then that I am up so damn early??? Kind of like "clock" work? Is it true that we all have our internal alarm clocks that still go off in our head and somehow wake us from our happy slumber? And if so...where is the off switch??? Too many questions this early in the morning. I should hit the snooze button again. *s*

Space Invaders

Ah yes, Space Invaders. Not the kind that come hurtling to earth on the back of a meteor. No, this is the classic kind. Nintendo has launched Space Invaders: The Original Game on it's Virtual Console this week for a cool 800 points. That's roughly ten bucks with where our dollar is sitting at these days. Will I be downloading it? Possibly. My choices are not so much based on money or emotional attachment but instead on space itself. I am running out of "blocks" on my Wii. No blocks means I'll have to delete games before downloading new ones. Come on Nintendo...get on with your storage problem! You're going to lose sales from people like me if you don't!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Possible meteor lights up the skies in northern Alberta

I was watching TV tonight and I saw the sky light up for quite some time. I was puzzled because it reminded me alot of what sheet lightning does. I knew though, that it was too cold for lightening but I wouldn't have thought it was a meteor! We'll have to wait and see where it touched down and if there's anything left of it. That would be interesting. Check out the article from the Edmonton Sun online.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Open Your Mind - Illuminati Symbolism

It certainly does give one something to think about...that's open's their mind.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

MSNBC Keith Olbermann on Prop 8, Marriage and more!

It is perspectives like this that will truly change this great world we live in.


I watched this movie last night and I found it fairly entertaining. I wasn't expecting it to be as disturbing as it was though. It was a tad on the dark side. I was thinking it was going to be another cops and bad guys shoot em up thriller. I was wrong but I found myself glued to the television. It's nice to be pleasantly surprised by a movie nowadays. My expectations were not high at all but I felt extremely satisfied with this one...although I thought the end of the movie was a little to "abrupt". It's a good dark thriller...if you're into that sort of thing. Have a look.

It's Sunday

'That means it's football time...NFL style. *s* I actually did catch some CFL football playoff action yesterday. Sadly both teams I was routing for lost. I am hoping my Seahawks can give me an entertaining game. The season is a right off but I would still love to see them snatch some wins. It will be another tough one against Arizona though.

I didn't really watch the Oilers game last night but I see after checking the scores they lost in a shootout. Talk about another disappointing season for my team. *shrug* I guess there is always next year.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lest We Forget

I received this in an email and although I cannot say for sure this was from The Sunday Telegraph...I thought it was a good read and well put.

Sunday Telegraph Article From today's UK wires:
Salute to a brave and modest nation - Kevin Myers, 'The Sunday Telegraph' LONDON:

Until the deaths of Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan , probably almost no one outside their home country had been aware that Canadian troops are deployed in the region.

And as always, Canada will bury its dead, just as the rest of the world, as always will forget its sacrifice, just as it always forgets nearly everything Canada ever does.. It seems that Canada's historic mission is to come to the selfless aid both of its friends and of complete strangers, and then, once the crisis is over, to be well and truly ignored.

Canada is the perpetual wallflower that stands on the edge of the hall, waiting for someone to come and ask her for a dance. A fire breaks out, she risks life and limb to rescue her fellow dance-goers, and suffers serious injuries. But when the hall is repaired and the dancing resumes, there is Canada, the wallflower still, while those she once helped Glamorously cavort across the floor, blithely neglecting her yet again.

That is the price Canada pays for sharing the North American continent with the United States, and for being a selfless friend of Britain in two global conflicts.

For much of the 20th century, Canada was torn in two different directions: It seemed to be a part of the old world, yet had an address in the new one, and that divided identity ensured that it never fully got the gratitude it deserved.

Yet it's purely voluntary contribution to the cause of freedom in two world wars was perhaps the greatest of any democracy.
Almost 10% of Canada 's entire population of seven million people served in the armed forces during the First World War, and nearly 60,000 died. The great Allied victories of 1918 were spearheaded by Canadian troops, perhaps the most capable soldiers in the entire British order of battle.

Canada was repaid for its enormous sacrifice by downright neglect, it's unique contribution to victory being absorbed into the popular Memory as somehow or other the work of the 'British.'

The Second World War provided a re-run. The Canadian navy began the war with a half dozen vessels, and ended up policing nearly half of the Atlantic against U-boat attack. More than 120 Canadian warships participated in the Normandy landings, during which 15,000 Canadian soldiers went ashore on D-Day alone.

Canada finished the war with the third-largest navy and the fourth largest air force in the world. The world thanked Canada with the same sublime indifference as it had the previous time.

Canadian participation in the war was acknowledged in film only if it was necessary to give an American actor a part in a campaign in which the United States had clearly not participated - a touching scrupulousness which, of course, Hollywood has since abandoned, as it has any notion of a separate Canadian identity.

So it is a general rule that actors and filmmakers arriving in Hollywood keep their nationality - unless, that is, they are Canadian. Thus Mary Pickford, Walter Huston, Donald Sutherland, Michael J. Fox, William Shatner, Norman Jewison, David Cronenberg, Alex Trebek, Art Linkletter and Dan Aykroyd have in the popular perception become American, and Christopher Plummer, British.

It is as if, in the very act of becoming famous, a Canadian ceases to be Canadian, unless she is Margaret Atwood, who is as unshakably Canadian as a moose, or Celine Dion, for whom Canada has proved quite unable to find any takers.

Moreover, Canada is every bit as querulously alert to the achievements of its sons and daughters as the rest of the world is completely unaware of them. The Canadians proudly say of themselves - and are unheard by anyone else - that 1% of the world's population has provided 10% of the world's peacekeeping forces.

Canadian soldiers in the past half century have been the greatest peacekeepers on Earth - in 39 missions on UN mandates, and six on non-UN peacekeeping duties, from Vietnam to East Timor, from Sinai to Bosnia.

Yet the only foreign engagement that has entered the popular non-Canadian imagination was the sorry affair in Somalia, in which out-of-control paratroopers murdered two Somali infiltrators. Their regiment was then disbanded in disgrace - a uniquely Canadian act of self-abasement for which, naturally, the Canadians received no international credit.

So who today in the United States knows about the stoic and selfless friendship its northern neighbour has given it in Afghanistan?

Rather like Cyrano de Bergerac, Canada repeatedly does honourable things for honourable motives, but instead of being thanked for it, it remains something of a figure of fun. It is the Canadian way, for which Canadians should be proud, yet such honour comes at a high cost. This past year more grieving Canadian families knew that cost all too tragically well.

Lest we forget.

View From The Crib

It's beginning to look at lot like Christmas. Can't you hear me singing that tune? Just taken this morning...our first real taste of what's to come? I suppose so...I mean it is the middle of November already!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Here's a handy website I found in this month's PC World Magazine. It's named Instructables which is exactly what it is. Find instructions on how to do just about anything. Some useful and some not so useful. I tried a not so useful one but surprisingly did it with no issue. Usually origami doesn't go too well for me but this one is fairly simplistic. I did one with the instructions and then two after that on my own. Check out how I wasted 5 minutes of my life. *s*

Here's something that I should be building. A Guitar Stand for all those damn Wii Guitars around here!

George Bush is funny

My how we'll miss the "good times". Some of this stuff is priceless.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Wii Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Even though I probably won't win many battles it sure looks like fun! Of course, it would be nice to get one of those Wii lightsaber attachments to finish off the look. Mind you...that could spell disaster in such a small space. The game is released November 11th. Want!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Michael Crichton

One of my favorite authors has passed away. I was quite sad when I learned this tonight. I have read many of his books and now I suppose I will try and read all of his work. Here are the ones I have read and I recommend you try one out if you haven't already.

The Andromeda Strain
The Terminal Man
Eaters of the Dead
Jurassic Park
The Lost World
State of Fear

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Time in a Bottle

Tonight, I spent the evening with my Nanna. We decided to go out for supper. This is not a simple feat. Getting her to the car, in the car and buckled up should actually be an Olympic sport. Sadly, growing old definitely takes it's toll on ones body. We finally got seated in the restaurant after many a slow shuffled steps. She was tired already. I watched her closely across the table. She was unravelling her napkin that held the silverware inside. Although the sequence seemed to be done in slow motion it was quite methodical in nature. It was at that moment that I said to her "I wish I could hit the rewind button Nanna. I would love to go back 30yrs and be in your kitchen watching you bake cookies". She instantly stopped what she was doing and looked up at me. "So do I do I" was her reply. I felt a tear well up inside and it took everything in me to hold it back. My Nanna will be leaving for home soon. When I'm with her now I very much try to live presently in each moment. I find myself just watching her...etching these last few visits deeply in my mind. For I know, when I say goodbye really could mean forever.

President Obama

Looks like Americans have spoken...loud and clear...for change. Now let's see how this pans out for Canada and the world.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Who will be elected?

Well after what seems a lifetime of campaigning the States is finally ready to elect a new leader. It will be a "first" whoever wins. McCain will be the oldest President while Obama would be the first black man to be sworn in. You can bet I will have a watchful eye on tomorrow's excitement. As much as we Canadians are our own entity we are completely affected by our neighbors down south. Friend or Foe? I'm not quite sure yet.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Blackberry Storm

Oh, you know you got it bad when you find yourself reading the User Guide to a phone that isn't even available in your market yet. I have finally made a decision on which new cell phone I want but I have to patiently wait for it. I believe Telus will have it available by the end of this year...or so I'm hoping. Anyway, as I was browsing through the manual tonight...I thought to myself...I need a life.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I’m walking to work down Jasper Ave. again this morning. Not looking for anything out of the ordinary but expecting to see something I guess…I mean it is Halloween. The last time I something unusual it was that camel. Today my head turned because I heard a weird whistling sound. It sounded very familiar but I couldn't’t quite place it…that was until I caught site of R2D2. It was an amazing full size replica and I so wish I had my camera. It was in front of the A-Channel building and they were filming it as I walked by. A lot of work went into its creation and I was totally impressed.

On another note: Today at work our entire floor dressed up as greasers from the 50’s. A few Pink Ladies but mainly everyone in rolled up jeans and a white t-shirt. It’s funny to see so many people participating. So Happy Halloween Everyone. Hope you get lots of tricks…or is that treats? *s*

Random Thoughts

I'm looking for a quiet little place in my head. The place that is still and peaceful and will allow me to close my eyes and drift off to sleep. For now, sleep eludes me. Quiet eludes me. Stillness eludes me. I think...and I think too much...and I don't think enough. Tonight, I wonder. Will I find that quiet little place in my head. I wonder...does that place even exist?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fly Stick Van De Graff Levitation Wand from ThinkGeek

Ok, the geek in me wants this!!! I checked on the ThinkGeek website and this sucker is only $26.99. Not too shabby for some major geekiness!

Random Photo

Another random photo. My brother sent me this one. I don't know where he finds this stuff but he knows I love me lego...and the Star Wars Death Star??? Doubly sweet. Long live the plastic block!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Random Photo

Ok, I can almost guarantee this guy doesn't have a girlfriend. "Let's's Saturday night and all my friends are out on dates. What shall I do? I know! I'll make myself into a computer and impress all the girls". lol Check out the article on Engadget.

I actually feel pretty sorry for this guy. You can obviously see that he's living in the basement of his parents house and they don't even have real drapes for him. Instead, he's using the Mexican blanket his extremely successful sister bought for him on a recent work trip. It just wreaks of abuse if you ask me.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tetris Party

I purchased Tetris Party yesterday for the Wii. It's a Wii Ware game so I just went to the Wii Shopping channel and had it downloaded in no time flat. If you liked the classic version of Tetris oh so many years ago than this is a game for you! For only $12 it's alot of bang for your buck. Up to 6 players and many different versions of games will give you hours of enjoyment. There is also one game you can play with your Wii Fit Board. I didn't try that yet but it does have a "geekness factor" to it. Just a bonus I guess. For me though it's all about playing Tetris. I wasted many an hour on the original game years ago. The new twists in Tetris Party are fun and interesting and it's always great to be able to battle your friends. You can use just the Wii Remote turned sideways which is what I did or if you prefer to use the classic controllers that's doable too. This is a GREAT game and I would have to say the best Wii Ware selection to date.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Last Place Sucks!

I have been alone at the bottom of my hockey pool until now. Chad has decided to show some pity and come visit me. Of course, the season is just underway and lots can happen but I would rather not be at this end of the scale.

John 91
Tyler 82
Murray 82
Red 80
Varun 75
Jonah 74
Chad 69
Ted 69

Monday, October 20, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Vote Results

Not happy with last night's election results at ALL. I cannot believe this is the best us Canadians can do. *shrug* I did my part. It's done. So be it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hockey Humor

Click on the picture if it's hard to read the sign. I had to snicker at this one!


I voted today. What a fiasco that turned out to be. Went to the wrong polling station to begin with...they changed the location after YEARS of it being at the same place. So I finally get to the other place and there's a line up a mile long. I am poll station number 157. There were many others there that didn't have a line up...but no...not mine...not so lucky. Anyway, after getting ID'd in two different line ups I was finally up to bat. Stamped my X and dropped my ballot. *whew* It will be interesting to see what happens in this election. Either's gonna be a squeaker.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Useless Information

Long weekends should be mandatory. The extra day off seems like a God send but I guess if it were common place we'd be looking for that elusive fourth day off. Rarely are we satisfied. At this moment however, I am enjoying my 3rd day off and happily sipping my morning java. *s*

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The New Hockey Night in Canda Theme

Just in case you haven't heard it yet. It was created by Colin Oberst from the Edmonton area here. I like it and especially the "shout out" near the beginning. So there it is...out with the old and in with the new.

Lazy Sunday

I love lazy mornings. They certainly don't happen as much as I would like them too that's for sure! I am still comfy and cozy in bed...with my laptop...on my lap. I have the TV on watching Pre NFL stuff before the games start for the day. To top it all off Squeegy is curled up snoozing beside me. A picture perfect morning if you ask me. Considering it's a bit chilly in the condo right now I may have some difficulty getting out from under the covers this morning. *s* What does a perfect morning in your world look like?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

National Do Not Call List

I finally got around to registering last night and I am here to say it was very painless. All you have to do is go to their website and enter in the phone number and enter in the characters they pop up and that's pretty much it. I registered my land line and my cell phone and after reading this post you should too. Honestly, it will take you under a minute!

Time: Giver of Pain?

We all know that painful events in our lives subside with the distance of time from the "event" itself. The last few days I have also come to realize that time can add pain as well.

I don't get to see my Nanna too often these days. In fact, a year or two seems to pass easily in between meetings now. Today I realized as I sat beside her and held her hand in mine that time is not my friend. It is "time" that has aged her so. It is time, that will take her away. Indeed, this is life as we know it but tonight I am just very sad.

I wish I had more time.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Water bed prank

I have seen this video numerous times and still laugh. The ladies at the end crack me up.

At Last, The Nintendo Wii Gets A ‘Tetris’ Exercise Game

At Last, The Nintendo Wii Gets A ‘Tetris’ Exercise Game

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This looks like a total BLAST. Can't wait to check this one out at a party!

Edmonton Oilers

They unveiled their new 3rd jersey for this year. I love it because it's a throw back to days of ol'. You know...the good old days when we actually had a competitive team in this league. *s* I would like to get a new "retro" jersey but with the price of them nowadays well, that remains to be seen. The Oilers will wear the new one 14 times this season. Too bad it can't be more. I'm not really a big fan with the Reebok jerseys the NHL went with recently. Ours look a little too much like a boring practice jersey.

Check out the article.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hockey Pool

We had our Hockey Draft yesterday at Boston Pizza. This is the team I ended up with. I'm not overly pleased with the results but it will still be fun to keep an eye on things as the season progresses. Of course, I may have to make a few key trades but for now I want to keep those for injuries just in case.

Iginla, Jarome
Alfredsson, Daniel
Osgood, Chris
Pominville, Jason
Nash, Rick
Prospal, Vaclav
Giguere, J
Parise, Zach
Gagner, Sam
Whitney, Ray
Recchi, Mark
Stillman, Cory
Elias, Patrik
Antropov, Nik
Pronger, Chris

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fall Colours

Had to snap a couple pics from the deck here. Too nice not to share. I just love the Fall colours this time of year. Just wish the weather would stay as nice as it has been the last few weeks. What wicked weather for this time of year!

Mr. Clean

The original Mr. Clean that famed the commercials way back in the late 50's and early 60's has died at the age of 92. Looks like Mr. Clean lived a “clean” life. If you were going to say I would live till age 92 I think I'd be pretty satisfied with that.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

35 Million

Now wouldn't that be a nice pot to win? My co-workers and I finally went into a pool together and purchased a bunch of Lotto 6/49 tickets for tonight's draw. I think if we win we each get around 4.4 million. That's doable. :-P We've been talking about it for a bit now and today Loren finally asked everyone if they were interested. I guess it helped that we all just got paid yesterday. So it looks like we will have a lotto pool going after all. We have to get some sort of contract written up. Although I don't foresee any issues with this group you just never know. I have heard of some horror stories and legal battles from pools such as these. Nice to cover ones bases I guess. There were two people that didn't buy in today. will be awfully lonely for them in the upcoming days...while the rest of us work on our tans and sip on cool tropical drinks. *s*

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

Have you ever had one of those days? Well, it's like I've had one of those weeks or months. I am totally lost with a map that I think was from another planet. So yes...sorry for not posting on a regular basis. It would seem I have lost "my way". Albeit, I haven't completely lost all hope but I am desperately searching for that elusive Golden Compass. If you come across sure to let me know. I could use a little help right now.

Monday, September 22, 2008

You Send It

I know I have mentioned this web site before but it truly is worth another mention. You Send It allows you to send files of up to 2gb's in size to your friends and family. They will receive a link in an email to download the file. Yesterday a friend used it to send me a 17mb file because of course it was just a little too big to send through email. I had the file downloaded in just a minute. This is one VERY useful utility and I highly recommend you bookmark it! One other good thing is that you don't have to sign up to use it. If you plan on emailing alot of people though it might be a good idea as you can save email addresses so you don't have to enter them in all the time. Go ahead, you know you wanna try it!!!

PS: Want to send all your vacation pictures in one shot? Zip the folder the pictures are stored in and send it! The person receiving them will have all your pics in their original size...just be careful that you REALLY want to send ALL of those vacation pic's. *s*

Sunday, September 21, 2008

An Era Ends

Tonight the New York Yankee's will play their last home game at Yankee Stadium. The city of New York wants their land and plan on tearing down the 85 year old icon to develop...well who knows what. The new stadium is just an eye shot away. It is definitely a trend in North America to tear down older buildings and start from scratch. We are nothing like European countries...albeit we are much younger in nature. We don't give ourselves a chance to have that old time feeling because frankly, we don't really build structures to withstand the swift hands of time or should I say the swift hands of the guy with the most money. It goes right along with North American mentality really. The VCR breaks? Toss it and upgrade to the newest Blu-Ray disc player is what most say. Old buildings are the same. They don't get more beautiful with age...they become the back drop in low income neighborhoods. I may watch a bit of the ball game tonight. Just because maybe there is a part of me that is a bit nostalgic.

Note: For the first time in 13 years the Yankees have not made it to the playoffs. A sign of things to come? Perhaps.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Useless Information

It's been a fairly busy day in the On Call neighborhood. This is my first weekend On Call shift and I have to say it feels a bit too much like working for the most part. I did have a pretty good lull in the early evening but it started out busy this morning with some difficult calls. Where are those easy password resets anyway? Here's to hoping I get some sleep tonight but with Calgary having some major issues...I really doubt that's gonna happen. Oh ya, and I think far too many people are working from home on the weekends! Too many VPN (Virtual Private Network) issues to deal with. I'm sure I will be a fully qualified VPN expert in no time. *s*

The Morning Sun

I was up early this morning and got a chance to witness a breathtaking sunrise. Grabbed a few shots in my skivvies in the brisk morning air. Please don't picture that cause it really wasn't pretty. *s*

Friday, September 19, 2008

Things that make you go hmm...

So I'm walking to work this morning. Downtown Edmonton, Jasper Avenue to be exact. I see the usual hustle and bustle of tired looking people with various brands of coffee clutched in their hands. I see the regulars...homeless people looking for spare change. I see traffic zooming by...and of course I see a camel. Yup...a camel. The Bounce radio station looked like they were having an event. The music was blaring and I saw a hot dog machine. An interesting meal to be serving at that time of morning. And there amongst the lonely camel looking about at all the chaos. Things that make you go hmm. *s*

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I updated my Zune software yesterday. What a pain in the butt that turned out to be. When I got to work I realized my songs were showing up correctly but they wouldn't play. I just had to remove them and sync up again tonight. Everything is working fine now and the radio option was enough to keep me satisfied while working. I am so spoiled with having music playing now that it's pretty hard to be without it. The update is ok I guess. Got a couple of free games (Hexic and Texas Hold Em') and a little bit of a new look although not much. Mainly it gives you the opportunity to tag songs you listen to on the radio so you can connect to the Zune Marketplace (wirelessly) and make a purchase if you like. So, as painful as the update was I think overall it was worth it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Wizard of Oz

The real story behind the story about what's behind curtain number 3.

Auntie Em,
Hate you,
hate Kansas,
taking the dog.

Note: Dorothy was recently spotted behind the counter at a local Tim Horton's. Sadly though, Toto has not been seen since.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Price of Gas

I no like it.

Before you fill up be sure to check out the prices at the pump. It just might be worth a few extra blocks of driving.

On a final note. I find it interesting that the City of Edmonton encourages bus and LRT transportation and yet it can take 2hrs for someone to get to work from the "berbs" one way. And what about the sardine like feeling the LRT has been of late. It is very clear they don't have enough cars for the amount of people utilizing it. I think Edmonton gets a big phat "F" in their planning department. And don't even get me started on the state of our infrastructure around here.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Electric Company

Ok ok, showing my age again. I saw Morgan Freeman on a movie last night and it reminded me of the time that I watched him on a kid's show growing up. There are a few familiar faces now that I look back at some of the videos they have on YouTube. This song sure brings back memories. My how times have changed though. This seems so cheesy now but I still absolutely love it! *s*

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Where's the Beef?

This was one of my all time favorite commercials from my childhood. You gotta love YouTube for allowing us to smile at all things silly. *s*

Babylon A.D.

I knew this wasn't going to be a great movie when I went last night. It was even worse than I had anticipated. Having got to our seats with about 15 minutes to spare until showtime...well for a movie that was only on the start of it's 3rd week in theatre's...let's just say the 5 people that filled the seats at that time was a little more than surprising to me. It did however, fill up a maybe a quarter full. I couldn't help but wonder what show those stragglers were really trying to get into and it was sold out. The movie. Bad, ladies and gentlemen...really bad. The only parts that I thought were decent were the few fight scenes but the cameraman was so spastic that I swear they were shooting the scene while riding a mechanical bull. I actually laughed out loud in disbelief at one point. Right in the middle of this so called action flick I felt we were at "Breakfast at Tiffany's" (the tent scene). The scene was so out of context within the film that I just threw my arms up. There was one other notable. At different parts of the movie they would flash up coordinates of locations they were at. I had heard my hometown Kitimat made the big screen and yup...there it was...clear as this movie will go down in history like the sinking Titanic. I wonder how much Vin picked up for a paycheck on this puppy? Things that make you go hmm.

Do not go to this movie. Do not rent this movie. I am giving it two major thumbs down.

PS: The best line from the movie: "We're all gonna die in New York. Well, goodnight".

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Tao of Pooh

I have read this book numerous times and I recently picked it up again. Here is an excerpt from the Forward that made me smile.

What's this you're writing? asked Pooh, climbing onto the writing table.
The Tao of Pooh I replied.
The HOW of Pooh? Asked Pooh, smudging one of the words I had just written.
The TAO of Pooh, I replied, poking his paw away with my pencil.
It seems more like the OW! Of Pooh, said Pooh, rubbing his paw.
Well, it's not, I replied huffily.
What's it about? Asked Pooh, leaning forward and smearing another word.
It's about how to stay happy and calm under all circumstances! I yelled.
Have you read it? Asked Pooh.

Priceless *s*

Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11th. Remembering Again.

Today is the 7th anniversary of a day many of us will never forget. Excluding the 19 hijackers, 2,974 people died in the attacks. Another 24 are missing and presumed dead. All just a senseless act to me. Today I said a little prayer for all the lost souls and for the friends and families that are still grieving so many years later.

Chores That Bore

I hate ironing. We should have never invented "crispness". That way I could be tripping off to work in a crumpled mess right now.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Flash Drive Update

I decided to wait 48hrs before plugging my usb flash drive in after pulling the sucker out of the washer. It worked with no issues whatsoever! Almost like the energizer bunny! So I'm pretty happy I don't have to invest in another one seeing as how this one isn't even a month old. Gotta love solid state drives! I'd have to say the only thing you have to worry about is letting it air dry enough. You don't want to chance frying it OR the computer you're plugging it in to!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Brain Is Not Working Right

I had a total brain fart today. I always carry around my usb key in my pocket and I forgot to take it out before washing my jeans. Crap. There I was racing to the washing machine when I realized where it was. Can't you just picture me searching through a full tub of water??? Not fun...and yes...there it was at the bottom. I'm going to let it air dry for 24hrs before plugging it in. I'll let you know what happens. I've heard more expensive drives survive the wash but this one was a fairly cheap one. Dammit. My fingers are crossed but at this point...I'm checking out the electronics flyers again.

Seahawk Sunday

Today my season begins. Fifteen games (one bye) to see where the chips fall. The first official game without Shaun Alexander since he was released. Dion Branch out till the middle of the season and a slightly tweaked new roster with a few fresh faces. I am very excited. So for the upcoming months if I am MIA...check the schedule. If it's Seahawk time you can bet I'll have my ass planted somewhere in front of a TV with a "do not disturb" sign around my neck.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Friday, September 5, 2008

And so it begins...

It's time for my Seahawks to kick some ASS!!! The season has finally started and I can't wait for Sunday so I can plop myself in front of the tv. Our first game is against the Buffalo Bills. Couldn't be a better team to match up with...I have a hate on with them. It will be a tough game considering it's in their house. I have faith though...Seattle all the way!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Could War Be Invisible?

Cloaking technology has been around for a bit now...and I am completely fascinated by it. To have the ability to make something SEEM like it's not there is pretty incredible. There is an invisible cloak that you can wear and now the US Army is manipulating light to hide tanks from it's enemy. Pretty damn cool if you ask me. Manipulate light you say??? Looks like the Klingons aren't the only ones with "Stealth-Like" ability now. *s* Check out "How it Works".

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Stairs vs. Elevators

So I was going to turn a new leaf over at work today. I was going to take the stairs instead of the elevator from here on out...or whenever I possibly could. So my quest began only to find the door to the stairwell locked on the lobby level. Doh! So much for my plan. I would need to take the elevator to the 2nd floor and get out and access the stairs from there. Um, too much work considering I work on the 4th floor. So anyway, I wouldn't be foiled in my quest to be the stairs queen! On my last break at work today I did 200 stairs and still had plenty of time to spare. Nice. I have a new routine added to my day.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Barack Obama: The next President of the United States?

I finally watched Barack Obama's Democratic acceptance speech yesterday. A very full 45 minutes once you get past all the thank you's. I found it nothing short of brilliant. I think the American people are truly ready for some change but I guess time will tell. Although I found his speech powerful and will be hard for him to implement alot of change in one term but it would at least be a start in the right direction for the hard working middle class America. It's going to be a tough race but I believe we might just witness something great happening. If you have some time to kill this really is worth watching.

Hinterland Who's Who Spoof

Thanks to my sis in-law Lori for sending me this video. Made me laugh. *s*

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Death By Jello Is Highly Unlikely

That is a line from the movie "The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio". Quite the title for a movie but don't let that stop you from renting this one. It kept my attention and I'm sick so that's saying something. The movie came out in 2005 and is actually based on the real life of Evelyn Ryan. She was a homemaker that helped raise her very large family by entering contests. With the lead roles going to Julianne Moore and Woody Harrelson I'm surprised I hadn't heard of it before. Then again, I usually gravitate to the Sci-Fi, Action and Thriller genres and not the "warm and fuzzy" section. *s* This is a very well done film and worth a look.

Always A Better Deal

So I recently purchased my 8gb usb thumb drive and I'm extremely happy with it...and the fact that I only had to part with 30 bucks. Well, Future Shop has even a BETTER deal on this week. You can get this Kingston 8gb one for only $19.99. That is a FANTASTIC deal! So if you're in need of one you should really scoop this one up. Even if you don't have a Future Shop nearby you can always order this stuff online. So there are no excuses! Get on it!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sick: A Four Letter Word

What weekend is this? Right, it's the LONG weekend and I am sicker than a dog. So I am NOT a happy camper right now and I've mumbled a few four letter words quietly under my breathe these past two days. So now, I must wait for this nonsense to go through it's cycle. I should be back to normal by let's estimate now...8am Tuesday morning. *sigh*

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hinterland Who's Who

I had my head turned from the television when I heard a sound I hadn't heard in a very long time. Hinterland Who's Who little tune chimed as I turned to face the TV. My heart instantly smiled as I watched a NEW version of the popular commercials of my childhood. I had no idea these were back on the air. I didn't realize how much I missed them. This is classic TV ladies and gentlemen. It really doesn't get any better than this.

Click on the website to hear that oh so famous tune! Doesn't it bring back memories???

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

On Call Update

My On Call shift went relatively painlessly last night. I was not stressed at all about it like I would normally be with such a new thing. I have to say, that was a very nice just be able to not worry about things and take stuff as they come. I have two more nights to go and I am hoping they go as well as last night did. That would be a nice ease into it.

On a side note. I think that troubleshooting computer issues in your pajamas should be an Olympic Sport!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Big Brother Overdose

What does one do when you're on call? Why, you catch up on the million episodes of Big Brother that have been recorded by your PVR of course. Talk about being behind in my reality tv fix. I think there were 10 episodes there. I've made it through a few tonight...four so far i think. It definitely helps when you don't have to watch the commercials but it is very apparent there sure are alot of ads on television nowadays. It wouldn't be bad if the commercials had a great "entertainment" value but sadly this is not the case 99% of the time. Usually the only time you are going to see great commercials is during the Superbowl. Speaking of the NFL...I cannot wait for the start of the Seattle Seahawks season next week. WOO HOO!!! Yup, addicted to reality tv AND the NFL. *s*

The Deadliest Catch

The last episode of the season is over tonight. They are finished with the crabbing for this year and they're all getting together to shoot the shit over some brewski's at the pub. I really love this show and I'm sad it's going to be over. Looking forward to next season already!

Long Live The Discovery Channel!