Saturday, May 31, 2008

Poll Results!

Seven people voted this week and I guess I'd have to say I'm surprised that many of them have a lot of games. I thought this was a hobby that was lost...but apparently not. As you can see below the big one was Monopoly and of course, "other" had many as well. I wonder what games you all had that I didn't list??? Hmm??? Now that it's summer I don't see many board game nights going on...but you never know. On that dismal rainy weekend there may be a few of them happening at the table...just like when we were kids. *s*

What board games do you currently own?

5 (71%)
4 (57%)
3 (42%)
1 (14%)
4 (57%)
2 (28%)
0 (0%)
2 (28%)
2 (28%)
4 (57%)
1 (14%)
2 (28%)
2 (28%)
6 (85%)
1 (14%)

Friday, May 30, 2008


Finally got a chance to watch this movie and I phreakin' loved it! I knew I would. It's based on one of my favorite book's, Stardust by Neil Gaiman. I believe he was also a part of making the movie as well. It's a fantasy movie filled with magic, spells and witches. I was extremely entertained by their underlying humor throughout the film and I especially liked Robert Di Niro's character "Captain Shakespeare". I found him quite fun. Overall this is a FEEL GOOD movie, a different kind of love story. A must watch for all who enjoy this genre of film!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jobless in Edmonton

Getting a job after Dell is proving a bit more difficult than I first anticipated. I am not even hearing from the places I've applied for. Not much of a chance to get a job when you don't even make the interview stage. So I've been a bit down lately. Plus I don't think I've fully mourned the loss of my job. Maybe that's what's holding me back. Unsure. I'll keep plugging away here though...somethings gotta pan out but I was truly hoping my opening line wouldn't be "Welcome to Tim Horton's, what would you like in your coffee"? *shrug*

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Damaged by the band Plumb

I wanted to share one of my favorite bands with you all...and this song. Kind of how I've been feeling lately. A combination of things but all pretty normal I think. I know we all go through this stuff. Here's to getting out of it sooner than later though.

Plumb has some great songs. You should really check more of them out. *s*

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Song From JUNO: Anyone Else But You

I just finished watching this show and I have to say I quite liked it! The character Juno is very interesting and she had me snickering throughout the movie. Anytime my friends would mention the show they always said I have to see it. Well I finally did and I'm glad. Too many times you watch a movie and at the end go "What the hell was that"? I highly recommend this if you are one of the few that hasn't had a chance to see it. It's one of those warm fuzzies. *s*

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Britain's Got Talent-Michael Jackson Dance Impersonator

You know it ain't half bad when Simon seems to like it. *s*

Jump Start Advertising

Just in case you miss this I'm letting you all know ahead of time. Mark your calendars people! The Hobbit's movie release is slated for 2010. The pre-production is to begin soon. Read more. The anticipation is killing me. I wonder where I can get some big feet?

Friday, May 23, 2008

New Survey!

In keeping with today's board game theme, this week's survey is to see what you all have!

Board Games!

At Dell, the guys on my team seemed to have some type of board game going those last few months till close. Although I didn't play at work...I so wanted to. So I finally got a chance to play last night. I invited some peeps over and they brought some games. Now these games are not sold at Walmart or ToysRus. These types of games can be found more at a Hobby Shop or comic store. I am completely hooked! These are the ones I really liked and will probably be buying for my own collection. Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride. Very entertaining indeed and I even think that my gal will like them! Time will tell. *s* Anyone else interested in some different games? Contact me and I'll hook ya up! As a side note, the new coffee table turned out to be a GREAT games board.

PS: Of course, no games night would be complete with out some Wii involved. We just had to play some Mario Kart. I pretty much got owned. :-P

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Killer Stairs

I just got back from the Killer Stairs workout. This was my second time and although I found it a WEE bit easier it is still a wickedly punishing workout! As I desperately pushed myself one step at a time, I found myself cursing my past stillness and weak ability to continuously shove bad food into my mouth. What was I thinking???

Film at 11.

Poll Results!

The results are in. Thank you to the eight that participated. *s* I see that most just lay there...with their mind racing...I think that just adds to the problem! I fall into this category as well. Good to see someone owned up to not being happy with their sleeping partner!!! I'm curious what the "other" is...or maybe I already know. :-P

The question was: What do you usually do when you can't sleep at night?

Count sheep
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
Watch TV
1 (12%)
Get up and move around
0 (0%)
Lay there and solve the world's problems
5 (62%)
Plot your sleeping spouse's demise
1 (12%)
Drink warm milk
0 (0%)
Get drunk
0 (0%)
Other not listed
1 (12%)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Got A Wii Fit!

So I did the unthinkable today. I stood in line at Best Buy for 30 minutes in the rain waiting for them to open. Waiting to get my fat little paws on the new Wii Fit! I was successful in my mission. There were about 90 on hand and I'd say there were about 50 people in line. Now, here's something that was VERY apparent. This was not a hard core gamers line up. Instead about 90% of the people desperately wanting to get their hands on one were suburban mature women! I actually had to snicker to myself. Man, did Nintendo get it right. Quietly lurking in the background for the last few years...they have struck with vengeance in the market for consumers money! Albeit Xbox and Playstation have a very different following but one that really isn't growing. Nintendo has managed to tap into a market that has been untouched. From 6 year old kids to 75 year old grandpa's, everyone is playing, talking about and most importantly...buying everything Wii.

I played through everything once when I got home and yes, it got my heart rate up. That damn Yoga Tree pose on the box is insane. I'm sure I will improve as time goes by. I highly recommend this game if you need something to get you active and off the couch. Train everyday, set a goal and follow your progress. Wasn't I surprised when it showed me my weight! Don't worry, you can add a password if you are shy about letting everyone see such things.

Long live the Wii!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Incredible Mr. Limpet

This is one of my all time favorite movies. It was made in 1964 so I saw it a little later on. *s* I just fell in love with Crusty, Henry's trusted sidekick. Considering when this movie was made it sure had some pretty leading edge animation incorporated! Ah, these gems don't come around every day! Worth a watch...yes, I'm for real.

PS: I ordered the dvd a few years back. Let me know if you want to borrow it. :-P

Storage Issues

Speaking of getting fit. Wii Fit will be launched tomorrow. I didn't pre-order (can't seem to bother with this for some reason) so time will tell if we have it sooner than later. If anyone knows me at all than you know that I am addicted to my Nintendo Wii. Since we got this thing we have accumulated quite a collection of games and accessories. It's getting to be a bit of a challenge storing all of this and still have the place look like a grown up lives here! With Wii Rock Band coming out in June, I am going to really have to think about where those damn drums are going to be stored!!! Our tiny one bedroom condo only has so many hiding places. Will that stop me? Hell no...I'll be happily slamming on those drums soon enough. *s* So far the bulk of Wii stuff fits into two drawers in the tv stand. I have the DDR mat and two guitar hero guitars elsewhere.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Get Fit!

Getting in shape doesn't always have to seem like work. That's why we picked this puppy up today for the lovely price of $19.99 at Sportchek. I am really trying to stay motivated at being more active and of course...eating better. Now that summers here we can pop down to the ball diamond that's kitty corner to our high rise condo here and play some badminton or volleyball! That's one BIG yard that I don't have to weed or mow. I love it! *s* We actually have two good badminton racquet's but we needed a net. This little kit had everything and the price was right. Can't wait to try it out but it may not be tonight. We are still so sore from our killer stairs workout on Saturday. I think lunging for a shuttlecock may be asking too much at this point.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Canada Olympic Uniforms For 2008

So at Edmonton Center on Friday I happened to see the new uniforms our athletes will be wearing at the Beijing Olympics. OMG, can you say nasty? Since when did fashion design have anything to do with sports? Oh ya...ever since big businesses realized there was a huge potential for money in it. I'd have to agree with my friend Tan though. They should have left Roots in charge of designing the attire. At least back then there was a good chance I might pick up the odd overly priced piece of clothing. With this years lot though...absolutely forget it. My money is going to stay in my pocket!

Saturday, May 17, 2008


We were walking up to Edmonton Center today and we passed an accident on the hill in front of our place. The guy on the motorcycle seemed fine but he did have some serious road rash. Ouch! He's the guy in the white T-shirt sitting on the railing.

I zoomed in with my cell phone to get a closer look but the quality sure goes down. I am amazed at what can be caught on cell phones these days. You can video or take a picture of so many moments in time. Gawd I love technology! :-P

A Good Combination

Wandered over to Churchill Square last night and the Oilers had a Guitar Hero booth open with two Sony Playstations to rock it out on. We just had to stop and I just HAD to whip out my cell phone to grab a shot when I noticed the pimped out guitars! Sweetness I tell ya!

The Mongolie Grill

We went for dinner with friends last night to The Mongolie Grill on 104 and 109th street. It was the first time I had been there and I quite liked the experience! They give you a bowl and there is a large buffet of things that you throw into it to make your own personal stir fry! There are tons of choices in vegetables, meats, seafood and sauces. They also start you off with a bowl of soup and you get rice with your stir fry. The food was fantastic and I just loved the way you do it. Very unique. The only thing you have to watch out for is filling your bowl up too much as the price of your meal is based on the weight of your bowl. Mine was cheap at under ten dollars for everything I wanted. I think the most expensive bowl was around Fifteen dollars. I definitely had enough on my plate when it was all said and done. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone that loves Asian stir fry's and wants to try something different.

Friday, May 16, 2008

This Crazy Cat Loves Water

I can assure you that with my adventure today with Old Man Jasper...he does NOT like water like this cat. It was a disastrous mess and I was covered with wet cat from head to toe. It would have been so much easier if he would have frolicked around like this little guy. *sigh*

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stairway To Heaven My Ass!

Who ever said getting into shape was fun is off their rocker. Tonight I went for a walk and finally did a set of stairs I've been avoiding for the entire time we've lived here. That's 7+ years! The last few years I have put on a few pounds so I have to do stairs like this as well as eat a balanced diet to get back to my old...somewhat self. *sigh* This is not, and will not be the "fun part". I did manage to climb the 201 stairs but boy was there some burning going on. Plus I sprained my ankle a bit earlier in the day. I had met a friend for coffee downtown. Afterwards I was walking home and took a header big time. Rolled my ankle and popped back up again asap. My ego was bruised enough. I didn't need any senior citizens helping me up while I whined in pain.

This picture is one set of the stairs. There is a small landing before having to tackle the next set. I doubt I'll be running up these anytime soon but if everything goes as planned...I'd be ABLE to without needing an oxygen tent. *s*

Sleepless in Edmonton

I hate not being able to sleep. Being wide awake in the middle of the night is NOT my idea of a good time.

Vote on my new poll question. Tell me how you try and get back to sleep.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Poll Results!

A total of 6 votes for this one. I can't hardly believe that hot chocolate BEAT coffee. I'm sitting here stunned about it. *shrug* I'll have to ponder this more over my morning java.

Out of these choices, what is your favorite hot drink?

Coffee - there is no other choice
2 (33%)
Tea - for two is always best
0 (0%)
Hot Chocolate - Not only for a cold winters night
3 (50%)
Hot Smoothie - The trendy $7 hot chocolate
1 (16%)
Other - Hot and not listed
0 (0%)
I do not like hot drinks. Give me something cold baby!
0 (0%)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sobeys Take 2

Walked up again tonight. Needed more bananas! We walked by the already made soup section and one of the pots going was Smoked Salmon Potato soup. Two of which are Red's favorites but she just walked on by because we had already eaten supper. I said are you crazy??? I made her by a bowl for work tomorrow. She had to try it when we got home here and she just about died it was so good I guess. I refuse to have it. It's got fish in it! So if you're hungry I recommend the soup! A good size bowl and bun for $2.79.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Cinnamon Bread

This looked too good at Sobeys yesterday so we just had to pick some up despite the price. I had some today toasted with butter. Can you say Mmm Mmm good???

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Walked up to Sobeys Urban Fresh supermarket here on Jasper Ave. and 104th street. It just opened this last Thursday. At about half the size of a standard Sobeys this little market has it all...albeit at a price. I guess they have to pay for their award winning chef's that are on staff! You can get fresh seafood and even pick a live lobster that they'll steam for you while ya shop! There are all kinds of "ready to eat" options. I watched a couple of women making fresh pizza. They looked delicious and even with the ten dollar price tag I know I'll be taking one home at some point. Tonight we picked up an individual serving of pasta with regular Mediterranean sauce. All of their already made pasta is done by Sorrentino's. It was tasty but the bun I chose was not one of my favorites from the bakery. Some artisan hard as a rock biscuit. I'll know better next time. We also grabbed Red some salmon that she enjoyed with the pasta. All in all the market is very nice and has lots of options for just about everyone. Just don't go in there thinking you're going to stock up on things. It's too expensive for that. This is more of a market that you pop in daily to get fresh meat and produce to make that outstanding dinner for family and friends you've thrown together at the last minute! The location couldn't be better for Red and I. Just a nice 10 minute stroll in the downtown core. Even better when you can drag friends along with you. *s* Next time I'll be grabbing a java at their coffee bar too!

Welcome to the neighborhood Sobeys!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

What an Adventure!

We made it back from holidays today. It's a two day drive for us so I'm pretty tuckered. We saw a ton of wildlife again today and we managed to get some pictures and even the video below of one of the bears. It was pretty cool. Here's our list just for today!

1 moose
2 bears
11 elk
12 mountain goats
19 deer

It's good to be home and see the kitties here. Although I was sick for the ENTIRE trip I did manage to get out a bit. It was great seeing my family and all my old stomping grounds. Kitimat has not changed much at all in the 15 years it's been since I was back. I would like to make my way back there in the summer as there is so much I would love to do. Hopefully it will be next year. Fingers crossed that I find a job soon so I can plan such a thing!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Monday, May 5, 2008

Survey Results!

This week's Poll question: If it's a Fast Food night what is more likely to be your first choice? I was actually surprised that there were more votes for anything other than McDonalds. For some reason I thought that would be first on the list. Stay tuned for my next survey.

McDonalds (There is no other)
1 (20%)
A&W (The classic joint)
3 (60%)
Taco Bell (Eat now, gas later)
0 (0%)
Burger King (Being King is Key)
1 (20%)
Other (Hey why isn't my fav listed???)
0 (0%)
I do not eat fast food (Trying to keep my artery juices flowing!)
0 (0%)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Medal of Honor: Heroes 2

Although I've been quite sick on my trip here in Kitimat I did happen to play a bit of our new game here. I used it with the Wii Zapper in the arcade mode which acts like a rail shooter type game. That's where the game does the actual moving for you. Just the kind of thing I like...just point and shoot some bad guys. If you like shooting things there is nothing wrong with this game. It's not exactly as "simple" as other rail shooters I've played. For example Ghost Squad is really just point and shoot. Medal of Honor gets you a bit more involved with the Nunchuk by making you utilize the zoom function for certain areas of the game. It's still fairly easy for people that just want to pick up a game and shoot stuff but you have to keep your eye on your health or you'll be starting over. I of course, had to start a few times but did manage to clear a few stages thus far. There is unlimited ammo in the arcade mode but I would imagine this is not the case if you were going through the adventure part of it. All in all, this is a good war game. I find the graphics pretty good as well for the Nintendo Wii. Two thumbs up.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Thursday, May 1, 2008


We went to Terrace yesterday and saw a bear at the side of the road. My brother stopped so I could get some pictures but I was so excited I only got some blurry shots. :-( Than a big rig went by and scared the bear back in the bush. Red and I have seen a TON of animals on this trip and this was our second bear siting. Must be that it's spring time and they are moving around alot.

Last night I took some cold medicine...which I don't like doing cause it totally loops me out but I was desperate for some relief. Anyway, I got up woozy and looked out their patio doors and there was a deer meandering by. I told them and they thought I was hallucinating cause I guess this is not a common occurrence. So anyway, we were able to walk right up to Bambi and snap a few pictures.

I am still feeling like death this morning. Blah.